Transfer Rates

7 Seat  Alphard Vellfire

Toyota Alphard Vellfire MPV Rental

Seating Capacity:

5pax with Cabin Luggage

5-6pax with No Luggage

10 Seater Van (Hiace)

Seating Capacity:

8pax with Luggage

10pax with No Luggage

16 Seater Van (Placer-X)

Seating Capacity:

13pax with Luggage

17pax with No Luggage


Destination 10 Seat Van (Hiace) 16 Seat Van (Placer X)
To/From KLIA (Airport)    
KLIA to Kuala Lumpur RM 200 RM 250
KLIA to Genting Highlands RM 400 RM 500
KLIA to Kuantan RM 700 RM 800
KLIA to Melaka City RM 400 RM 500
KLIA to Johor Bahru City RM 800 RM 1000
KLIA to Singapore City RM 1200 RM 1400
KLIA to Cameron Highlands RM 600 RM 800
KLIA to Lumut (Pangkor) RM 700 RM 800
KLIA to Penang RM 800 RM1000
KLIA to Kuala Kedah (Langkawi) RM 900 RM 1200
KLIA to Kuala Perlis (Langkawi) RM 1000 RM 1400
Kuala Lumpur to Full Day Tour (8hours) from Kuala Lumpur City Hotel RM 500  RM 600
Kuala Lumpur to Half Day Tour (4hours) from Kuala Lumpur City Hotel RM 300  RM 400

**Price inclusive driver service, fuel & toll.

**Subject to Minor Increase if Weekend or Peak Season or Festive and Public School Holidays.

Kuala Lumpur Van Service

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Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh Tour

Kuala to Penang Tour

Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis Transfer

Penang Van Transport Service

Penang City Tour (Escape + Balik Pulau Durian)

Penang to Hatyai Transfer

Penang to Hatyai Tour

Penang to Genting Highlands Transfer

Penang to KLIA Kuala Lumpur Transfer

Johor Bahru Van Transport Service

Johor Bahru to KLIA Transfer

Johor Bahru City Tour Legoland Helo Kitty

Johor Bahru to Singapore Transfer

Johor Bahru to Singapore City Tour

Terengganu Van Transport Service

Terrenganu Airport to Merang Jetty

Terrenganu Airport to Kuala Terrengganu Jetty

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