How to Meet @ KLIA (KUL)

KLIA 1 (International)

Terminal M

Once you cleared immigration and collected your luggage, Please poceed to Blue Stripe Elevator and Press Level 1 (Tour Coaches) and We will wait at Exit Door Number 3.

Blue Stripe Elevator
Press Level 1
Tour Coaches Lounge
Exit Door Number 3

KLIA 2 (AirAsia)

Please proceed to Arrival Hall once cleared the immigration and collected the luggage.

We will pick-up at Exit Door Number 3 as shown in picture below.

Exit Door Number 3

Advisable to buy sim card inside the airport before immigration because hard to find outside and takes longer time to scan you ID to get it activated.

Sim Card Booth: Price Range RM20-RM40

Money Changer is available 24hrs at the arrival hall.